Lake Twenty Two

This weekend in Seattle was hot & humid (dear humidity I moved away from that please stay away) and we don't have air conditioning almost anywhere here so we headed to the mountains to go hiking. Which was awesome because it was mostly in the shade, our hike followed a creek with waterfalls that kept creating cool breezes and it ended on a mountain water fed lake to cool off at.


the mist rising off the lake near the snow was so cool!

It was a  beautiful hike and all the finger waterfalls coming down Mt. Pilchuck were so pretty. We loved the dogs and kids running into the water but we just stuck with dipping in our hands and holding snowballs to our faces.

I love that even though it's 90 in downtown we can drive an hour away to find snow :)

Dear family please come visit this is the most perfect hike for all of us :)
I kept thinking of taking you guys the whole time!

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