Mt. Rainier x2

So the first time was all snow and this time it was all wild flowers YAY
We got a little lost because there was still snow covering some of the paths and ended up adding 2 miles to our hike. We found a waterfall on our detour though but the last 1/2 mile was all up hill. I asked Josh what he thought of the hike and he said it exceeded all expectation. This hike has everything you want on a hike- paved & unpaved, climbing stones, hike through snow, go over bridges, logs and hop stones over water, frolic in meadows! We just kept saying we can't believe we live so close to something so beautiful! Altogether we hiked about 6.5 miles.

When my mom and I hiked this last year it looked like this too but then I found out that it only looks this gorgeous with all the flowers in bloom for about 2 weeks this time it was planned but my mom and I got lucky- I just think it's really cool that her and I could see all this together. I remembered a bunch of places from when her and I hiked too. I will always love this hike.

Prepare yourself for the barrage of pictures below :)

P.S You can click the photos to make them larger!!! Do it!!!

I got to play with my macro lens!!

Gorgeous waterfall that we walked across the top of

We hiked all that- mostly!

The snow and snow ledge we had to climb down and through

Looks like Lord of the Rings kind of scenery

Coolest thing ever! we drank the drips of water :)


The flowers are so bright and vibrant- unreal

Mt. Rainier

The waterfall we found on our detour

Having a little lunch- we just brought a giant french loaf

Neither of us fell in!

But that was only Saturday afternoon of our weekend. We had a people filled weekend-which is strange for us nowadays. A couple we met at small group invited us to double date with them ( I love love double dates!!!) We grabbed dinner outside, got ice cream & then went back to our place and hung out. It was a lot of fun and really nice to just be ourselves and enjoy other people's company.
On Satruday night we met up with one of Josh's Cincinnati engineering friend, Kurt, who was visiting Seattle. We went to a bar in Capitol Hill, got late night pizza, played pool it was so pleasant to hang out with someone we knew! Hanging out late with not just ourselves was also really fun- ya know mixin it up :)
Then Sunday Kurt came over and I made us fruit, caprese and bacon date scones and we hung out in the sunshine and then hopped on our bikes and showed him Greenlake and Gasworks Park. Hubs and I really like showing off Seattle to people, mostly because we're still  so amazed ourselves.
Sunday night we went to a show that is at a coffee shop/bar near us. Our friend Andrew from Epic Life Church plays there on Sundays. It is a free kind of music- a curator brings a theme and then plays a piece then any musicians there that night can come up and form an ensemble and start playing with that theme. Then this goes on for a few hours. It is pretty amazing they don't have written pieces and some are just crazy talented musicians & it's always different.
We had to leave before it was over though because I was falling asleep- if you read what our weekend was like above then you can forgive me, I was exhausted. So the hubs took me home and put me to bed.

This week I'm busy baking and getting ready for my mother-in-law to come. She get's here Thursday. We're planning all kinds of fun adventures and we can't wait to show her around. We've never had anyone stay with us yet though so keep us in your prayers this weekend.

Hope everyone is enjoying the emerging jacket weather!

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