Wedding- Handmade.1

I love creating and crafting (I blame my mom she always kept our giant craft box full)
I'm not girly, I hadn't dreamed of my wedding for years so when Josh asked me I was starting planning from the bottom. No wedding photos on my computer or dresses bookmarked online :)
All I knew was I wanted to make everything. My wise mother and mother-in-law were able to convince me to scrap a few things but in the end almost everyone knew I was to stubborn and would just do it alone so they all helped! I mostly had 3 months to plan being that I was interning in Seattle the first 3 months of our engagement.
So I since I did had many friends, family, and my naively enthusiastic and supportive fiance on my side we really did have a handmade wedding. Josh was mostly on board because it made it cheap and he'd stay up all night hand cutting our invitations because I designed them and they could be done on my printer :) And all of the things I got to do with everyone was a really fantastic way to spend time with everyone before we moved across the country.

So I wanted to share some of those moment and pieces that made our wedding feel so personal and real to Joshua and I (When people here ask about our wedding he beats me to it and says it was the best day of his life-CUTE)

The biggest undertaking was probably the cakes. Everyone told me no- I got texts, emails, phone calls, pleas not to make my own cakes. My mom asked other people to ask me not to hahaha. But in the end this was a victory to Mackenzie! And everyone helped and it actually went quite easily. We went to thrift stores and bought glass candlesticks and platters and glued them together to make different heights for cake stands. We used Duncan Hines cake in 7 different flavors then we put some raspberry, chocolate, and funfetti fillings in them and used my mom's amazing buttercream frosting recipe to put on top. My thrifty mom even got the ribbon we put around the bottom for a discount.
But my aunt, both sets of grandparent, all 3 siblings, parents, and fiance helped in some way. Josh brought us all pizza! My grandma's even cut our wedding cakes.

He didn't know I made him this and I got to show him before the wedding. Which was special to me. I wanted him to know I had thought of him and that I was thankful for him

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