Elrod's Weekend Off

 This is how we start of a weekend in which our plan consist of- do nothing- vanilla bean ice cream with fresh blackberries from the farmer's market
 We skyped with my whole family for Erika and Colton's birthday. We had a lag so we were a little off on the singing part. But it was so so nice to see all of them. It felt busy and full of people. We were all having different conversations and laughing.

 Our kitty neighbor friend stopped by and fit in a cuddle with Josh

 There is a building across the street from us where it is legal to graffiti. It changes daily. Some are really amazing and I went because there were cool spray painted dinosaurs and I wanted to show my friend Katy- but alas a new vandal had already painted over it. I love walking by it to Trader Joe's and seeing someone working on it and seeing it finished when I walk back.

 I love the lamposts in our neighborhood. They are all commissioned local artists. Each one is different. I love this one of a pepper
 This was our Saturday night- we actually had a really great time. We went to Cafe on the Ave (the main street of things to do at University of Washington with restaurants and coffee and thrift stores is called "The Ave" but the street is actually called University Way- go figure, I've asked and no one knows why. Crazy college kids :)
 We played backgammon- which we love. I bought him a travel size one for Christmas last year. Our waiter brought our food out and said when he was in Turkey all the old guys played this all the time. (I think only old people in general normally play this game) But we're okay with that.
 Dinner part 1: Giant bowl of french fries
 Dinner part 2: Meatballs, mini salad, mini bread
 Dessert: fancy black & white mochas and caramel macchiatos

I was told this was the last day of summer in Seattle. I love the blue skies out here. Josh and I are convinced it looks different than in Ohio. A little bit of a happier more cyan kind of blue.


  1. Sounds like you had such a fun weekend!

    It's probably bluer because of less pollution. HAHA just kidding!

  2. so much fun!!!! :) i love the graffiti wall! Thats so awesome!