Bumbershoot Music Festival & Flatstock

We went to the mainstage show for the Presidents of the USA show because we wanted to check out the stage and left after 3 songs- MAN were they terrrrible. The theme of the songs were 1-cat, 2-sun, 3-bug - yeah that bad. But besides that the sunshine was fantastic and cheery and there were about 7 stages and for some the backdrop was the space needle which was just fun.

We bought more fried foods and a couple of thai iced teas- Josh is obsessed, he craves them so we had to get seconds. But what was really nice was that everywhere you went there was live music to enjoy whether getting food or browsing the handmade merchandise.

A lot of the bands this year at the festival are local to Seattle and we were psyched about that because we love concerts but don't know any bands yet. We left feeling like we have a great basis for bands to reference, follow, and check up on who else they play with.
Worth your time to check out some of their music!

We ate snacks and sat by the fountain listening to Campfire Ok. They were a pop indie band but with the sun shining and the grass everywhere it set the day up on a really light positive note.

This show was awesome. It was in the an emergency exit back of house area inside one of Frank Gehry's building's the Experience Music Project building. It had incredible acoustics and we were right in front. They were a little gospel, r&b, folk, indie all meshed into amazingness. The lead singers voice live is to die for Josh and I danced like crazy and fell in love with them. Josh was sold when they kept inserting Star Wars movie quotes in between songs (he would know) They had a great stage presence and sounded SO STINKING GREAT that words aren't good enough. We thought Bumbershoot was worth it just to see them!- That good! So seriously check them out you won't regret it.

Craft Spells
The lead singer of this band was really funny. Their songs sounded a little alike from one to the next but kind of reminiscent to the Pomegranates in Cincy. Not as good but still fun to go see and watch live. We really want to check them out, we think the bands they play with around here would probably make for a good show all together.

EMP Building photos. We're pink!

Also we enjoyed Yuni in Taxco while drinking Thai iced tea

Also there was a music poster show-Flatstock of graphic designers that make awesome limited poster screen prints when bands come to Seattle. Josh and I took all their cards and really want to buy some online. We have our eye on a Decemberist poster. They are just so gorgeous, well designed, detailed, and graphic and tactile too. It was really cool to walk around and be surrounded by all of it.

 Some of our favorite artists were:

Frida Clements
 check out her website! I love how she captures the attitude & mood of the band graphically. They are intelligently designed not just pretty.

Nate Duval
Love that some are so whimsical and all the hand illustrations.

They are beautifully done and detailed. I love that some reflect not only the band but the atmosphere of where they were playing.

and they're local artists which is really awesome! I want to show you all of them. Go check them out!

And of course there was a giant color by number!

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  1. Erika11.9.11

    HEY!!! So i just have to say it was funny seeing that you listen to the Decemberists and that i listen to them too, but sounds like a great day and i am gonna have to get all of these band names to listen too!!