Mother-in-law takes on Seattle.2

We went to the locks on Sunday. And luckily there were still some fish in the fish ladder. There were also sea lions out catching fish too. It was a pretty gray Seattle day but we got small glimpses of sun here and there. We would make sure to point it out when they occured.
We wandered around the locks for about an hour. Teresa and I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get a photo of the sea lions :)
But overall we made a relaxing Sunday. In the morning we grabbed coffee and went to Greenlake- a 3 mile loop that Teresa said if we made her walk around she was just going to wait for us on a bench :)

We went to a little antique shop near us and grabbed lunch at Latona Pub which has giant windows and let amazing food! Seriously- Portabello sandwiches, homeade black bean veggie burgers. It really hit the spot for all of us.
There are 22ish steps in the fish ladder. They actually can jump like 4 feet in the air.

Sea Lion. He was playing with his food, He tossed it around for like 5 min!

I got a photo of guts and blood :/
I'm sure she hates this photo but Josh and I like it. I think it is cute!

On the other side there were fish just jumping out of the water!
It was really nice to have family visit. It really made me miss my parents and siblings. Sometimes it is so so hard to be away from them. So it was nice to have a taste of it when she visited.

Now Josh and I are back to work- we both have pretty crazy busy weeks and haven't cleaned up at all since she left and haven't done the dishes. I throw my clothes on the floor and walk over them instead of putting them in the hamper right now- oops. But we are planning nothing this weekend except relaxing and lots of cuddling (we're hoping for a rainy weekend so we don't have to feel guilty about this) and then we'll clean.

P.S. My Grandpa Heitfeld has cancer and it has come back worse and he is in a lot of pain right now so please pray for him and my Grandma and that they can enjoy the little things right now.

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