Wedding- Handmade.2

I designed our invitation suite while I was on co-op and Joshua and I printed and handcut them when I got back. I carved a stamp out of a linoleum block and mixed paint and stamped our invitations, rsvp, brunch, and address cards so that we weren't paying for color prints but it still had the stamped color theme carried through. The knot theme was drawn from the engagement ring Joshua gave me that was made of a leather knot he tied on my finger. (He gave a another one t just wasn't here yet and he was carrying around the leather in case he found the right time before the ring got here) It meant a lot to us and showed symbolism and a great graphic in our invitation suite.
the inspiration

I also made an "E" monogram because my mom wanted to stamp something. She did the cake napkins and they turned out so cute!

And then my sister made the name plates/napkin holders for the tables that I designed. All the guys ended up wearing them on their ties which was really fun to see!

My parents got our plates and plasticware at sam's club on sale after the holiday.

I found tape at michael's with and "E" written in different fonts which I added to some of the bottles to add a personal touch; from the $1 bin.

We also went and made my flowers. We just bought most of them in bulk box orders and then put them together and spread them around in my bottles that I've collected for over 8 years. It was really fun to be able to do something with the bottles. I've treasured them for years from different events like my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary and such. I couldn't take them all with me to Seattle so putting them as our centerpieces was a fun way to use my collection. Also many great friends and family donated some to us.


  1. I loved your wedding! If I ever get married you're helping me because I want a handmade wedding! :)

  2. they turned out great! and a cord of three strands is not easily broken:)

    thanks so much for stopping by to link up:)