Wedding- Handmade.3

 I could make 10 of these with all the help that everyone gave us in making this day so special to Joshua and I but I promise this is the last one.   :)

My friend Katie came in and I said that I had a giant chalkboard and I asked her if she could draw on it. And she went to town and drew up a beautiful backdrop for our wedding. She is so creative and I loved that she was so willing to come in and be a part of it. I only met her last year and I'm so excited for her and what I see in her life and how special it was that she did this for us.

My now hubs and dad made a GIANT easel for the chalkboard. I thought they were just making it stand and I came home and they showed this off. I loved it, it was such a great surprise.

My mom can sew! I mean it! She can do curtains, costumes, laptop cases. She's just good. So I'm so glad she got to hem my dress. And she just dove under there and started chopping at it and was really fun.
My dad ties flies for fly fishing and he made my something blue that went on the garter my mom sewed which was really fun to Josh & I.

And my grandparents made a box and painted our names and wedding date on it. It was to hold the envelopes on our gift table. It sits in our living room holding our letters and vows.

Lastly one of Josh's favorite parts of the handmadeness of our wedding was that our good friend Michael made us a keg of beer (2 kinds!!!!) and my great uncle gave us bottles of his homeade (crazy good!!) bottles of wine. This just let the personal touches trickle over into the reception and helped make it all a blast. The playlist was tirelessly slaved over by Josh and we just used an ipod and Everyone! danced.
It was a day we will never forget. Thanks again to everyone who helped make our wedding so personal and memorable.
This was not even 1/3 of the handmadness (I'm coining it) that went into our wedding I'm leaving so much out but thank thank you everyone. We loved every minute of it.

 Wedding Dress: European Bridal / Bride's shoes: Lulu's with handmade shoelaces / Brooch: Etsy / Hairpiece: Mom's friend / Suit: Macy's / Groomsmen: vests H&M / Orange socks: tonsofsocks.com / Bowties: Mom made them/ Bridesmaids dresses: Etsy / Bridesmaids orange shoes:  mynewshoes.com


  1. The photo of your mom under your dress is hilarious! And your dress is GORGEOUS! Love, love, love it!

  2. Thank you so much, I ended up with a really great find with my dress. My grandparents were so glad it was girly :)