the Twins are NINTEEN

My youngest siblings are 19 today! (o my goodness, I need a few deep breaths)
I remember sneaking into my parents room while they were napping so I could hold them standing up (my parents said I had to sit-I was only 4 so naturally I disagreed), playing gymnastics in our basement and Colton trying to pick up a pillow bigger than him and falling over, Erika and I would always play school and she would beg for me to make up homework for her- Now they just ran off to college- Colton is studying computer science & Erika is studying nursing.
We think about them all the time and wonder what they are up to.
We miss them oodles but are so glad that they are finding their way in college and hopefully having a blast.

so HAPPY BIRTHDAY my twins
I hope you have a fantabulous day full of laughter, cake, and wishes
Joshua & I are thinking of you!!!

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