Postcard Art

I really liked the way they both turned out I think they're fun.
I love sending and receiving postcards! We have gotten so many lovely postcards since we've been here thank you so much for everyone who has thought of us.
I took old paint sample chips from work and cut them all up into strips

Then I basket weaved them sometimes over-under, or over-over-under and such to show more or less of a color underneath

But I kept a rhythm and to give it an order to the chaos. Then I left some undone and glued the edges and arranged it on a postcard the way I thought looked best and cut off the excess.

I did a watercolor for this one and then used tape to create the background graphic white space and then peeled the tape off.

I have started to send some out lately. Since work my work deals with designing hospitals mostly I don't get a lot of creative freedom out during the work day. But I love graphics and all things paper goods and I have always made cards- since I was super young. So I've decided that on top of sending postcards that have terribly overexposed 90's postcards (outfits and hair give it away they are so badly awesome) I'm going to make them. Paint, paper whatever I'm feeling to kind of give myself an outlet but not a pile of random things I make- instead I'll send them to all the people I love.
I sent the one below to my sister Mallorie and the other one to Emily. Plus I love people's personal art work and it always makes me smile if they did it for me so I'm hoping to make some people smile.

Let me know if you want one! I'd love to make one for you and send it with a little note! Can't say I'll do it immediately but I'll make my way to it I promise!!

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