Mother-In-Law takes on Seattle.1


I'll have a food post about these cakes soon. Teresa said
the one on the right was her favorite cake ever!
Made my weekend! I'm easily flattered if you compliment my cooking!

Josh's mom was visiting this past weekend. We ran around Seattle all weekend- and gave his mom shin splints from all the walking. But we had fun despite the dreary weather and long walking distances. She never got to see Mt. Rainer though, too cloudy :( The first night we had cake! Lots of cake- it then served as breakfast, middle of day snack, and nighttime snack for the rest of her visit. (Josh and I now vow to run the rest of the week!)Then Thursday night after work we went to a fun whole-in-the-wall BBQ place called RoRo's in Fremont. They make their own sauces and their pulled pork sandwiches are so yummy. Then we took her to one of our favorite parks with our favorite view of the city skyline- Gasworks. Unlike in Cincy in Seattle people go to the parks after dark and hang out and walk around. So naturally she was a little weary of us dragging her to a park in the dark but once we got her up on the hill overlooking downtown Seattle I think she felt it was worth it. We explored the pipes of the old gasworks too. Josh and her friend Mike were discussing how it would work - SO I ran around taking photos instead of listening. :) 

Saturday we went to the U-District Farmer's Market. How awesome that they are roasting peppers!! Then we took Teresa on the bus- which she really enjoyed. It was pretty funny she asked some guy to take our photo on the bus! He looked at us questioningly but obliged.We ran around to stores downtown and then spent most of the day in Pike Place Market.We ate way to much food and bought dahlias :)

Gum wall!

Breadzel- like a pretzel stick with homeade Beecher's Cheese and herbs

Piroshkys!! Josh's Favorite

She was a little weary about the piroshky
Best photo of the trip!!

We ended the night at Tap house- over 160 beers on tap. We got samplers and tried all kinds of different beers. Teresa found out she likes IPA- ick! She kept calling us her kids and wouldn't let us pay- she was being a cute mom! Then we went back to our place watched Big Bang and fell asleep at like 9:30ish!! I kid you not- she said she felt bad for going to bed so early but in reality we were all pooped. A whole day downtown'll wear ya out!

The one on the far left is pear cider beer- weird that it is clear but it is quite tasty
I know it's blurry but I wanted you to see some of the wall of taps!
Show you the rest of her visit soon!

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