Apartment Updates

Ha so I'm sure not many people care about the new things in our apartment but Joshua and I were pretty excited about them so I'm going to share anways :)

We have been getting antsy about our apartment, but the cost and location are right so we tried to make it feel new to us.
my parent gave me these for Christmas, from a thrift store in amish country

a few more airplants, as you can see this one is named Whitaker

We traded in a high table for a low longer one. All the food for dinner actually fits on the table now :) Plus we didn't realize how badly we missed sitting at a regular height table.


We got a new light,we didn't want anymore table lamps because we don't have space but it was pretty dark in this corner of the apartment at night, plus it is really nice now not to have to have the light in front of you on when you're on the couch. Plus at night it creates a really warm happy glow.

the most adorable string glass lights ever!

thirft store deal on little pouf things that stack for extra seating

little caddy for our spirits

record storage :)

ah organization. I love that all my
things on rolls fit inside this

We bought a new dresser (craigslist) and removed our closet doors, and moved the bed around. It feels much more open and now I get more than one drawer.

That's about all, but it's the little things. We feel much better- I know you do too hehe

shuffled around boxes into nightstand, of course a thrift store french horn

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  1. I care about the things in your apartment! I love looking at people's houses!