He's 25 Birthday Bash!

I know I threw a party last year but our friendships have evolved so much since then and let's be honest I totally love throwin a good party and any excuse to make a giant cake.

This year a lot of people we've made friendships with from his work came and I think it turned out great. We ate tons of food, drank good beer, and even danced a little to a Def Leppard record. Almost all the cake was eaten, we sang to him very badly, and the night ended with some guitar playing that ran until 2 am. The best part about waking up was when I went into the living room and it looked normal again- big thanks to an awesome friend who helped me clean up while the boys finished off the cheese.

Again like last year the whole thing felt like a huge blessing. Some of our neighbors came to hang out again even. Just the thoughfulness and kindness everyone showed Joshua and I was overwhelming. I truly hope everyone had fun because more than anything we wanted everyone to feel welcome and appreciated. That's what I love about birthday parties, in the end it wasn't really for Joshua entirely, it was a thanks to our friends and I hope we showed them how much they have come to mean to us.

The cake recipe and some food recipes are soon to come, because you know I can't help myself.

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