We made a calendar

Happy Valentines Day!

The past few months at work have been hard for me. I've been feeling a little stuck and alone.Thankfully I've had Joshua, friends, and a great! coworker who have made it be much better than it could have. And even more thankfully God answers prayers. My project got put on hold for a few months which is now allowing me to go onto another project and it is what I've been waiting for. I feel like I can really learn something working on this new job, and there are other interiors people on the job so I can also finally learn from them. I get to move my desk to the upstairs which has height adjustable desks (the little things :) And we finally hired 2 other young interior designers, so I'm not the only one under 30. What's even cooler is one of the girls has asked me to go walking with her during lunch. So it had felt like God has answered so many of my, and all the other amazing people who were praying, work prayers. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and this change. It came at the perfect time and also taught me a lot about myself while I struggled with it. Now hoperully I can do this new work well, kind of nervous.]

But while I was frustrated and down I came up with things to do during my lunch hour that made me happy, made me feel like I was creating something. So over a few months I started illustrating a calendar. And hubs helped me make it a reality and made the frame to hold it up. I'm really proud of it so I wanted to share.

September and March are my favorites I think


haha I didn't help much.

lots of sanding because I can't glue straight


  1. Mackenzie! It's so great to hear that your prayers are being answered. And that you get a new desk :)

    I love love love that calender. It's so so cute! Where did you get it printed it? Also, I love the holder that Josh made. It's so simple and cute.

    I still have that calender you gave me for my birthday hanging up in my room. I look at it all the time!

  2. Thank you! I just got it printed at kinkos and then trimmed them all with and exacto knife. How fun would it be to letterpress though :)