He's 25!

Happy happy birthday to my Joshua.
25, Ah crazy!

Happy birthday to the man that will never miss an opportunity to dance around the apartment with me
who never lets me be just a version of myself, but instead pushes me to be the best version of myself
who runs for take out in the rain when I whine nothing sounds good for dinner
who pushes himself to learn to be better to the people around him daily
who never complains when I take pictures of our food, but instead helps set it up
who makes my lunch every morning so I can get ready slower
who shows me how he feels about me everyday, sometimes in very goofy ways
and who is helping me to learn more about God's love by the way he loves me
Joshua I'm so blessed to have you in my life &
so happy that I get to celebrate your birthday with you.

Love you hubs!

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