He's 25 Birthday dinner

I took him to a birthday breakfast but I've been dying to try out this restaurant in Capitol Hill so I decided he needed a birthday dinner too, plus I bought a new dress that I really wanted to get dressed up in. So yes, slightly selfish motives.

We went to Sitka and Spruce and grabbed a pre-dinner glass of wine in the marketplace that leads into it. My friend Camila showed it to us when we grabbed dinner with them last weekend and we couldn't wait to go back. It's a market during the day and at night they serve wine and appetizers inside, gah love it.

I think we could live off of fresh bread and salted butter!

It was a fantastic date night, it was really cold and windy out so hudling inside a place full of old wood beams and ceilings and a cooking fire was perfect. Also I could only get reservations for 9:45pm so we were the last people there, which felt special and even a little more romantic.

Less adventurous than last years birthday dinner, but amazing food and great company.

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