Side note : Bicycling

So I signed us up for the Bike MS ride with my work which will be 60 miles.

I haven't ridden a road bike with gears in over 7 years, so hubs thought I may need a little training. I bought clip in shoes (so fancy) and padded shorts and those energy fruit gummies. SO this Sunday after we got back from hiking Joshua took me on a 50! mile bike ride to Lake Sammamish. (after the ride we decided 30 may have been a better first time goal) I did average 14 mph on the way out and 13 mph on the way back. I was really proud of myself and Joshua was a great supporter!

We took a short pit stop on the way back at Red Hook Brewery, which we've been trying to find time to do for awhile

Today my butt is so so sore, my knees ache, and my quads hate me, I have small spandex shorts sunburn but I did it!
(also I took a 2 hour nap when we got back and then went to bed at 9pm)

Next weekend though hubs is taking me on a ride with hills (oh my)

Also I took over Joshua's rode bike and he bought himself one off craigslist - the Elrod's now own 6 bicycles! And they take over what was supposed to be a dining room in our apartment. What I give up for love and bicycles :) But it was fun (until the last 10 miles) and I'm really excited to be getting into something that Joshua loves so much - he bikes to work (20 miles there 20 miles back) and enjoys it. I'm looking forward to getting better and getting to enjoy this hobby with him more. We have high hopes of biking through Glacier National Park in Montana next year!

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