Grapefruit Curd Tart

Published in Sweet Dreams Magazine!!!
Joshua's work was having a get together for his project team and he asked me if I'd make a dessert for it. Of course then the week went on and we had something to do right after work every day that week. Friday came around sans dessert but luckily I just enough time to make this cute guy before we left.
I love it and bonus I got to use the torch.
Grapefruit Curd Tart with Champagne Meringue:
1 cups grapefruit juice; fresh squeezed and strained
1 egg
5 egg yolks
1/2 cup honey (I like clover honey)
6 tbs butter
pinch of salt
1    put a little water in a small pan and then put the pot inside it (double broiler style)
2    pour grapefruit juice in the pot and over medium heat bring to a simmer
3    reduce juice by half
4    in a large saucepan over low heat stir the egg, yolks, honey and butter together
      until the butter has all melted
5    slowly add the grapefruit juice and stir rapidly
6    continue stirring until the curd thickens, until when running a spatula across
      it the separation it creates doesn't close
7    if you have few eggy bits press the curd through a strainer
8    store in refrigerator to use later or let set at room temperature to cool for this tart
9    pour the cooled curd into the also cooled vanilla almond tart crust and spread evenly
champagne meringue:
5 egg whites (no wasted eggs yay!)
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup champagne
1   place all ingredients over a double broiler and bring to about 160 degrees
     F on a candy thermometer
2   then whisk mixture until glossy peaks form
3   then I put the meringue in a pastry bag and piped it onto the tart
4   using a blow torch lightly brown the edges of the meringue
I garnished with a few candied grapefruit peels to it too
-everyone really seemed to like it and I love the crust because it has a lot more depth of flavor from using the almonds and vanilla than it does when you just mash down graham crackers.
- love that the meringue uses up exactly the amount of egg whites not used in the curd
-the grapefruit curd was also a very light flavor so if I made it again I might even make 2 batches of the curd to put inside a tart shell this large, or make mini ones!!!
-also super stoked I was able to make the whole thing in about an hour and fifteen minutes so do it it's not hard and looks so impressive

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  1. Oh my gosh. This is making me so hungry! I also love that you have a torch!