Co-worker Camping

This is all of us! (stupid camera made our group photo out of focus) So excited that the boys all coordinated to make this happen. The hiking was amazing but the hanging out post hiking was also fantastic. One couple made us all fire cooked dinner on Saturday as well as many other treats others contributed such as roasted peppers and potatoes, corn, bacon popcorn and more!

Then we spent the night around the fire hanging out, passing around beers, singing loudly and incorrectly while the guitar was played, cuddled with the doggie, listened to some poetry, learned glowing hand dancing, and ate more food than any of us needed to. Ah that night made me happy Joshua really has been blessed with some awesome coworkers who also have awesome other halves.

Side note: I'm very tired of hiking and having sandwiches for lunch so I made quinoa ahead of time and then chopped up a bunch of veggies to make a salad and it was our favorite hiking lunch to date. It was a hard hike too and all it kept us full and gave us plenty of energy. I recommend it!
Lots of variation options but here's what we did:

store in cooler:
1 cup quinoa (cooked ahead of time)
chickpeas (cooked ahead of time)
ear of corn (cooked ahead of time or on fire night before)

not in cooler:
cherry tomatoes
garlic clove
avocado (we would have put it in but Joshua rolled it down the mountain :) glad it was the avocado and not him though!)

for the dressing:
2 limes; juiced
few tbs of olive oil
few shakes of salt and pepper
few shakes of red chili flakes

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