A Mid Summer Night's Dream

One of my favorite summer traditions is going to Shakespeare in the Park. I love how all they have are a small handful of props and actors that can then transport you entirely into the play. The actors in Greenstage are always excellent and I was a little weary it wouldn't top the Taming of the Shrew we saw last year, but they delivered. We were laughing out loud and getting sucked into the Shakespeare vernacular. I love the simplicity of the environment but the passion with which it is performed. I also love that Joshua really gets into it too, never thought I'd be lucky enough to land a guy that is willing to try new things and experience art with me the way he does.

the fairies :)

We biked up to the park and feasted on chocolate, cherries and coffee laying on a picnic blanket while the sun set and the story unfolded- it was bliss.

Also earlier in that day I did my second training ride. Hubs took me on a 32 mile ride and we rode around Mercer Island. It was great practice for me to learn how to use my gears better.

Hubs crossing the bridge from Mercer Island
you can see the long bridge in the background


  1. That would be really cool to see Shakespeare in the Park! Ever since I took a Shakespeare class in college I have a new appreciation for his work because I hated what we had to read in high school.