Mt. St. Helen's South

The hike from the south of St. Helen's started off really cool in a lava rock bed with a view right off the bat of the mountain. You can't see the crater from where it blew but it totally looks like a mountain with it's top missing. (The clouds blew out of the way later)

After the lava rock beds we ran into a meadow of these white puffy flowers, they made the air smell sweet.

To avoid sunburn Joshua tied his flannel around his head for the hike, I found it quite cute!

After hiking through large trees, a stark contrast from the bareness of yesterday's hike, we started up some switchbacks. Then we ended up pretty high and could see the top of the mountain but we were still blocked by trees. 

But! we finally broke through and had an unobstructed view. We felt so so close to the top, we hiked as high as you can without a permit (& they only give out 20 of those a day) We got to be up there all alone, rare on hikes in Seattle, we just sat around for awhile a little in awe and just wanting to stay in it's beauty. Such a pretty hike and really fun to see the contrast from the other side of the mountain.

Mt. St. Helen's North side hiking

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