On Drinking

My friend Camila and I have been known to go grab a quick glass of wine after work early in the week to catch up. Usually we don't want to stop talking so in order to lengthen our time we order more glasses of wine. - Now we've added going to a workout class every week and get dinner and a glass of wine after. She recently told me about aperitifs which are pretty fantastic. They would help us be able to keep hanging out and ordering drinks without going home a little tipsy every Monday :) because we just want to talk a little longer.

Aperitifs are a range of drinks with a type of lighter alcohol that can help awaken senses before a meal and then there are a family of drinks that build upon it in alcohol content and complexity

Having had lots of negronis in Italy she was telling me about how a negroni was part of a campari aperitif.

Now I'm excited to start ordering some of its other lighter variations!!!! I like having wine at a weekend lunch sometimes but these seem so much more refreshing! Plus hubs has become very good at making them at home :)

Campari & Soda:
2 parts campari
1 part soda water
-to have before the meal

Campari Orange:
3 parts orange juice
1 part campari
(you can also add soda water to this)

1 oz campari
1 oz sweet vermouth
finish off with soda water

1 part gin
1 part sweet vermouth
1 part campari
-to have after the meal

Campari is a bitter liquor, it took me a few sips before I loved it. There is also Aperol which is like a sister to Campari but is flavored a bit sweeter so if the bitterness is throwing you off start out trying them with Aperol.
There are also apertifs that use sweet vermouth as the base too, which is a little like wine.

I'd never heard of drink aperitifs so I thought I'd share :) I am never good at knowing what to pick when I want to try something new and I'm looking forward to trying these instead of only the few heavier cocktail names I've happened to memorized.


  1. LOVE this post - and LOVE aperitifs. The more I find out about them and the complexity they add to the whole meal experience, the happier I become. Now, I'm working on digestifs, too! so happy to have Mondays, so happy to have you! :)

  2. That sounds interesting. Speaking of alcohol, I made virgin orange julius' from your sister's recipe yesterday. So good!