Epic Co-worker Hiking


This weekend we went on a camping trip with a slew of Joshua's co-workers. We headed up to the North Cascades and went on an amazing hike together. It was about 9 miles but with an insane elevation gain. Luckily one of the guys owns scads of ski poles and ice picks so we were all equipped to cross the snowy slopes.

The views of all the mountains were unreal. Also the hike lead to Hidden Lake which was covered in snow, but you could see hints of it's delicious blueness through some patches. All the snow made Joshua and I a little nervous but the brave and more seasoned hikers pulled us through. Plus the promise of more mountains continued to entice.
The top of the tallest part showing in this photo there is a tiny shack - and that's what we hiked to. I was very weary we would never make it, but alas we finally did.
We had to scurry over rocks to get to the little house at the top. Once we finally made it to the summit (I'm calling it summit we were totally at the top) we lounged around for a bit while some of the guys busted out a map and found the names of all the mountains we could see.

It was stunning and sunny and full of good friends. All wins on this hike. Plus on the way back down we were all feeling a bit more brave and were sliding down the snow and jumping over the rocks. Very fun!

Next up our camping portion...

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