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I tried to plant kale in my garden this year, but little green caterpillar things ate it all. I tried beer n caps and pulling them off regularly but in the end the victory was theirs. So for awhile I forgot about kale, I had a lot of snacks planned while I was growing it but since forgot about them. Seeing this recipe post the other day put my mind back onto kale and so I went out and bought a few bunches.

I dislike kale uncooked in salads, ick not my thing. But I love it in soups and I plan on adding it to my smoothies in the morning (instead of spinach)

But last night I made some kale chips to go along with portobello burgers and they were perfect! They took me no time to make but look o so pretty, and even a little fancy.

kale chips:

1 bunch of kale; washed and totally dry
1 tbs of olive oil (I put 3/4 olive oil & 1/4 sesame seed oil)
1 tbs soy sauce
1 tbs sesame seeds
few twists of fresh ground pepper

preheat oven 350 degrees F

1   tear kale up into about 2-3" pieces
2   mix oil, sauce, and seeds into a large bowl
3   mix kale around in the oil, hands work best
4   spread the kale out in a single layer along a baking sheet or two
5   bake for 5-8 minutes
Note: I found the outside chips to cook faster so I pulled those out at
          about 5-6 minutes and moved the others to the edges so they
          were all nice and crunchy
     Also make sure you watch them carefully, it's good if some are a
          little burnt but you won't want the whole batch that way

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