Baby Showers

 We've had a lot of amazing people showering us with love over our baby girl. Honestly, we've been overwhelmed by it. So many people have expressed genuine excitement for us and our little family. People have been checking in on us, asking questions, giving us used baby items, and more. There have been nights where we exchange stories or conversations with people in our lives where we just can't believe how amazing and supportive everyone has been. With our families being so far away it has been such a blessing to be surrounded by these people.

We've also had quite the cluster of showers in the past few weeks. Our small group threw us a camping themed shower where we prayed over her and our family, played pregnant twister (balloons in shirt- except me), and ate dinner together.

My coworkers threw me an in office shower that had 6 types of ice cream and donuts as well as so many lovely books they all got us.

Then my outside of work hanging coworkers gathered everyone at a bar for a casual happy hour where we all just to hang out and catch up.

They were all so deeply thoughtful and I'm still stunned at the hearts of the people in our lives. I can't wait Big Idea gets to meet them all.


Baby Bump

Joshua took a few photos of my 8 month bump a few weeks ago when we had some sunshine. Feels like we're ready and just waiting for her to arrive!


New Leather Skill

 For Joshua's 30th birthday I wanted to give him something special. I knew he's love a tool roll to fit in Walter for our trip but I was daunted by the size of the project I would be undertaking. After a friend let me know he thought he'd really like one though I decided to go for it. I was afraid of the project because of the size, cost of the leather if I screwed up, and that I'd have to obtain a new skill- leather sewing. The sewing required that I buy quite a few new leather tools and invest some money in the project.

Once we got to the leather store I found the most amazing piece of leather. I can't wait to see it wear and stain and leave ghost shapes of the tools stored in each sleeve. Then the man working there took the time to sit down with me and show me the best technique for sewing. It was so kind of him and I felt so much more confident after that!

The pattern took me the longest, I wanted to customize it to fit his tool needs and make it so it fit in a very specific place in Walter to store. I also wanted to make some pockets to store small items, I love how those turned out.

Luckily I ran into no big hurdles and my fly by the seat of my pants pattern worked out great. He was really excited about it and I love seeing him carry it off when he goes to play with Walter.