recipe index

cookies :
brown butter popcorn cookies
cappuccino white chocolate cookies
cake :
1920's decadence cake
almond cake with cardamom rubbed bacon
black & white cupcakes
blackberry -dark chocolate ganache cupcakes
caramel and chocolate frosted cake
cardamom orange scented cake
cardamom spice cake
cashew cheesecake
citrus cake
chai chocolate cake
champagne cake
chocolate cake (GF)
chocolate cake with ganache
chocolate cookie butter crepe cake
chocolate espresso brownie cake or cupcakes
chocolate stout cake
chocolate tahini cupcakes
coconut cupcakes
cranberry ginger bundt cakes with lemon glaze
crepe cake
dark & stormy cake
dressed up pineapple mousse cake
earl grey cake with black currant frosting
espresso cupcakes w/ white chocolate ganache frosting
funfetti cake
ginger-molasses cake
irish cream cake (GF)
lavendar honey cupcakes
lemon basil cupcakes with kumquat glaze
lemon cake with pistacho frosting
lucky charms marshmallow cake
matcha cake with rosewater pudding frosting
milk chocolate caramel naked cake
naked fruit cake
neapolitan cupcakes
orange scented ganache cake
peach cupcakes w/ brown sugar frosting
red velvet cake w/ original frosting
red velvet s'more with cream cheese marshmallow
rum vanilla cake
rum soaked plum cake
s'more cucpakes (toasted)
spiced pumpkin s'more cupcakes
sprinkle cake
thin mint & nutella cupcakes
tie-dye cupcakes
vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache frosting
vanilla latte cake
vegan vanilla cupcakes
white cake with almond espresso frosting
white chocolate cake with rosewater frosting
white chocolate strawberry cheesecake
yellow vanilla cake w/ whipped frosting

pies and tarts :
almond lavender blackberry hand pies
apple pie
apple pie with cheddar crust
berry fruit tart
bittersweet chocolate tart with crème fraiche
blackberry pie
cherry and blackberry pie with lavender pistachio crust
grapefruit curd tart with champagne meringue : Published in Sweet Dreams Magazin
lavender almond pie crust
orange scented brioche rhubarb tart
peach mini pies
pistachio shortbread milk chocolate tart
plum galette
pomegranate chocolate tart
pumpkin cheesecake with gingercookie
raw cashew cheesecake
raw cashew and mascarpone cheesecake drizzled in blackberries
yogurt rosewater cheesecake

other desserts :
bourbon marshmallows
champagne heart meringues with grapefruit buttercream filling
chia chocolate pudding
chocolate peppermints
cocoa nib brittle
creme anglaise over chocolate noodles
dark chocolate brioche pretzels
dark chocolate dipped cardomom meringue bites
golden raisin rolls with vanilla glaze
homeade vanilla marshmallows
ice cream sandwiches
lady fingers
meringue bites with rhubarb curd
roasted pears
rosewater marshmallows
rosewater & pistachio rice krispie treats
s'more brownies
white chocolate- colored
white chocolate ganache
white chocolate lavender popcorn
wild huckleberry brownies with homemade nutella
zucchini brownies

frosting/fillings :
almond buttercream frosting
almond espresso frosting
black currant glaze
blackberry-dark chocolate ganache
blood orange frosting
candied kumquats & glaze
caramel topping
caramel frosting
cardamom espresso frosting
chocolate fudge frosting
chocolate tahini frosting
coconut cream cheese frosting
cookie butter frosting
earl grey frosting
fresh mint frosting
funfetti frosting
grapefruit buttercream
honey buttercream frosting
irish cream ganache
lemon buttercream frosting
lemon curd
marshmallow filling
marshmallow frosting (you toast it)
mixed berry frosting
orange buttercream frosting
pistachio frosting
pistachio paste
raspberry jam frosting
rhubarb curd
rose meringue frosting
rosewater cream cheese frosting
rum buttercream frosting
vegan frosting
whipped frosting (best frosting ever)
whipped whiskey ganache
white chocolate glaze
white chocolate ganache
white chocolate ganache buttercream
white chocolate mousse filling

plum ice cream
pumpkin ice cream
rose pistachio ice cream

asparagus pizza
asparagus pasta with ricotta & snap peas
baked potato with balsamic blazed brussel sprouts
balsamic glazed mushrooms over seared polenta patties
balsamic glazed ribs
beef stew
beef stroganoff
black bean burgers
brown butter & garlic herb pasta
bok choy, chicken sausage, & cashews
butternut squash macaroni & cheese
butternut squash pizza
cast iron skillet salmon
cauliflower soup
chanterelle gnocchi
chicken & dumplings
chicken tikka masala
chipotle glazed butternut squash
chorizo bolognese pasta
currants & greens farro salad
delicate squash tacos
eggplant zucchini lasagna
english pea pasta
fall farro salad
fried "rice" (califlower)
fusilli and creamy pumpkin sauce with pesto
garden pea pesto pasta
gnocchi and greens in cheese sauce
sweet & spicy tacos 
tacos carnitas
tandoori roasted cauliflower with mint chutney
tomato zucchini galette
tempeh lettuce wraps
thai curry
three cheese beet ravioli
vegetable lasagna with bechemal sauce
vegetarian pho
warm citrus butternut squash
whole wheat pizza dough with vodka cream tomato sauce

sauce :
bbq sauce
bechemal sauce
charred pepper sauce
chicken fettucine alfredo
chorizo bolognese
cranberry fig sauce
creamy pumpkin sauce
kale and sage pesto
mint chutney
mushroom cheese pasta sauce w/ asparagus
pea pesto
roasted tomato pesto
roma tomato pasta sauce
sun-dried tomato pesto
tandoori spice mix
vodka cream tomato sauce

bean and beef chili
butternut squash soup
chicken & dumpling soup
creamy polenta with braised vegetable glaze
farmer's market chili
gourmet herbed dumpling soup
herbed mushroom soup
italian wedding soup
kale & white bean keilbasa soup
lamb chili
lentil soup 
mushroom tomato soup
pumpkin ground turkey chili
pumpkin puree
sick day soup
skyline chili 
veggie noodle soup
watermelon cucumber gazpacho

blackberry banana bread
brioche buns
dad's bread
dark chocolate brioche pretzels
chanterelle sage potato focaccia
challah (egg bread)
chimichurri ramps bread with lemon thyme butter
fluffy spelt biscuits
golden raisin and nut baguette
herb & parmesan soft pretzels
herb sun-dried tomato rolls
mozzarella and sun-dried tomato cornbread
parmesan & black pepper foccacia
pumpkin bread
pumpkin challah rolls
pumpkin seed bread
rosemary foccacia
wheat bread
wild mushroom & sage focaccia
yogurt blackberry bread