Quinoa Patties

Tuesday evening I finally got to talk to some amazing ladies from Cincy that I've been trying to coordinate talking to for awhile. AH schedules and time zones are so h ard to work around! But I ended up getting in quality conversations with them both and it was very uplifting, even if we talked about random pointless things for half of it.
Plus since I'm not very good at sitting still I made these while on the phone with them. AH and they were so amazing!

Quinoa Patties:

2 1/2 cups of quinoa; cooked
4 eggs
1/3-1/2 cup gouda; shredded
1-2 red bell peppers; diced
1 small red onion; diced
2 cloves garlic; minced
1 cup of bread crumbs
1/4 tsp red chili peppers
goat cheese, avocado, and/or prosciutto for toppings

1   mix the quinoa, eggs, and cheese in a bowl
2   then add in the peppers, onion, garlic and mix well
3   mix in the bread crumbs and let sit for a few seconds
4   finally mix in the S&P and red chili pepper
5   using your hands mold the mixture into 12-15 patties at about 1/2-3/4" thick
6   put some oil in a pan and put 5-6 patties into the pan and cook covered for 5-7 minutes/until golden brown on the bottom
7   flip them over and cook uncovered for 5-7 minutes
8   serve warm with some fun toppings

Crepe Cake & a Picnic

I saw a photo of a crepe cake and knew I had to make one. I decided our picnic with our friend's was the perfect opportunity because the outside has no icing all over it.
It had been rainy all week and even Thursday morning, but alas the clouds broke away and we were still able to walk to the park and have our picnic.

We had asian food :), avocado pasta, bread and crepe cake
It was so random but o so good. Plus we got to use the picnic basket my siblings got hubs and I for our wedding . Everything in it matches, even our picnic blanket :) It was cute.

We may have gone back to their place and had wine and more crepe cake :)

Crepe Cake:

 I made the crepes like I did HERE
and I made THIS frosting
and toasted 1/2 cup of hazelnuts and smashed them with a hammer
(I'm sure there are other ways to make them pieces)

to assemble:

1   put a crepe on the bottom of a plate
2   slather some frosting on top (I put it in an icing bag to make it simpler)
3   put a spoonful of crushed hazelnuts on top
4   put on another crepe & repeat until you have one crepe left to top it off with

I used 13 crepes and it fed (would have fed without us having seconds) 10


Recipe Page

I redid it and updated some pages with better wording and fixed the ones that were missing recipes.
...unless the recipes are from my Flour cookbook they now all have one within the post

Go check it out HERE


Sunday Biking

We spent Sunday afternoon biking up to the Ballard Farmer's market and lounging by the water. It was so nice out  - you could almost say it was hot! We ate donuts and people watched on the street curb. Then we came home and ate giant bowls of shapes mac and cheese and finished it off with handfuls of mini peanut butter cups (they are 1/2" so cute) We didn't even have a vegetable oops :)

ok come on!! Hubs is looking good!

walk up pizza places = heavenly

Josh couldn't sleep sunday morning so he got up early. When I finally made it out of bed I found him playing with his microcontroller- I think it was the cutest nerdiest thing ever :)


Dancing among the Tulips

We went to see the tulip fields with our friends Lich and Suzie this weekend. When they first suggested this versus hiking Joshua and I were skeptical. BUT WOWZAA they were truly amazing! I wouldn't ever take back this trip we took with them for anything. We had such a relaxing afternoon running around in the tulip fields. It was sunny and warm, the mountians were in view all around us! Plus for most of the day the sun was so strong that the tulip fields looked like they were glowing and the petals were on fire. I can't stop saying how amazing it was!

they reflected into the water :)

The red was so brilliant that when you tried to take a picture of us in it the glow of the red affected the way we looked. It was fields of colorblocked magic!
The first fields we went to were yellow, red and pink - but the second fields had purple, striped ones, gradients of pink and a few orange ones creeping into bloom. We walked far away from everyone else and had a picnic in the cracked mud. Ran around spotting the cross-pollinated tulips where a yellow ended up growing among the red and so forth. Broke the rules of running down the rows. Sang way to loud in the car (a woman biking actually asked if we were okay at one point) And shared a truly amazing quality time with great friends.

this is really what they looked like- GLOW

she picked one :)


I feel like this one looks kinda retro

of course we tried to eat the odd one!


the persistant little orange on. Hubs said it deserved a motivational poster

hehe funny camera angles

Hubs kept stealing the camera and taking photos of me, I didn't want him to feel I don't like them so I put them all on haha

Suzie made a giant veggie sandwich!

We kept looking up at the mountains then distracted by the flowers then the mountains again- fantastic cycle, until you stepped into the mud.
Ah I can't stop looking at these pictures and wanting to be back!

I hope you like starring at them as much as I do :)


Check it out

My lovely friend Jessica is sharing her wedding story over HERE today.
Go check it out! They were so thoughtful and she words it beautifully!!

Here's a super cute picture from one of their traditions she talks about.
(taken by Mark Dachille)


Bright Bright Sunshining Day

We had an amazing sunny weekend! We kept to ourselves and hung out outside A LOT. People kept telling us to visit the cherry blossoms on the UW campus and we grabbed coffee adn biscuits and walked around there all morning. Then I went to a baby shower for a woman from work and then Joshua accidentally found Karkey Park. We walked along the water and had an afternoon full of good conversation. Which of course then had to include good food- tacos and margharitas next to big windows and a new record purchase :)

Sunday we layed around pretty lazy and finally walked to Gasworks Park and read our bibles together, layed in the sunshine, and got in some good people watching.Went for a run that ended in lattes (this happens a lot to us)
Overall not much to report, but we had a wonderful weekend of just being with one another. We decided we need to make sure we have more of these after busy weeks!
this is Joshua, he claims he could be a hand model :)

Plus the jars we ordered came in. It has been my dream to have open cabinets with everything in jars (I love organizing) But the only open area in our kitchen is above Franklin the fridge. Luckily I'm just tall enough to reach them. Joshua teased me that you would have thought I was a kid at Christmas becasue I was so excited to fill my jars up :)