1920's Murder Mystery Party

We hosted a 1920's murder mystery party for our friend James. Everyone dressed up so well and it only made it more fun. We had good jazz music playing, red Edison bulbs, rearranged our apartment to look like a cafĂ© (the scene of the crime) and got to sleuthing. Roslyn even got in on it with her gold details on her onesie and a turban. 


Since we've been back Roslyn recap

Just a big dump of Roslyn photos since we've been home. Can't believe I finally made it through posting all of our trip. We've still been up to a lot since we've been home these last 3.5 months and I'll catch that all up soon. 

I know we are deeply biased but Joshua and I's texts frequently look like this:
J: how is baby person?
M: good, happy
J: is she still the cutest?
M: always!
J: she is seriously the cutest

These are photos of her from 4-6 months, she has 4 teeth, weighs about 20 lbs, fits in size 9-12 clothes, scoots and crawls everywhere, and her favorite place to be is playing in our laps.

always flipping over so she can start scooting toward mommy

started her on solid foods and her favorites are steak, salmon, cucumber slices, and all types of squash. Our least favorite mess - yogurt

I wore this outfit as a baby

the higher you push her the more she likes it 

 mesmerized by the disco ball, she kept trying to "catch" the lights

Roslyn 6 month photos
Roslyn loves daycare. Some days she doesn't even want daddy to take her away.

one of her favorite toys is this rubber ball, we play catch and sometimes, mostly on accident, it's successful

her favorite playmate, daddy. She loves when he plays guitar and frequently attempts to help.

her preferred way to nap, on us!

went through a phase where she was always sucking her bottom lip