Birthday Getaway

Joshua planned a trip to the east side of Washington for my birthday. We headed out Friday morning and landed at a campsite early so we could all just hang out. The weather was comfortable and lovely so we played with dirt, picked flowers, made tacos, and played guitar. Since Roslyn walks now it was much more fun to let her explore on her own. We love that she is bold enough to just wander off into a tall patch of grass to pick a flower or to help pick up sticks and throw them into the fire pit.

Early the next morning we went on a 6 mile hike. We got lovely little mountain peek a boos through the hills as we climbed and the whole hike was drenched in wildflowers. There were a few types of yellow ones, some purple ones, and red/orange indian paint brushes.

I love going on a hike when these yellow flowers are in bloom, it's hard not to stop and stare every time we'd turn a corner and find a new hillside bursting with them. We had lunch at the top and headed back down.

Next up was a winery Joshua took us to. The sun was out, there was live music, chickens, a playground, cold rose wine and a sandy beach. We grabbed Roslyn's sand pail and headed straight to the beach. When we plopped her into the wet soft sand she was transfixed, rubbing her toes in the sand and then grabbed handful of it and watched it ooze out of her fingers. So we drank wine and made sand castles all afternoon while live music wafted down to us. It was really a special moment. Then we dunked most of her body in the little lake and headed into the national forest to find a campsite.

It absolutely poured that night so we decided to call it a day early and drive home. It was my birthday that day so we got my favorite burgers and milkshakes when we got home and put our worn out sunkissed baby to bed early.

Just behind the rainbow blanket is the bed Roslyn
slept in all on her own both nights!

Roslyn photobombing my picture of the
 new leather caddy I made for Walter


Outside Baby

It has been beautiful here lately so we've been spending a lot of time outside. We drove Walter until we found sunshine, water, and a spot to park. We had a picnic, threw rocks and just hung out near the water.

Roslyn has been helping me garden, more like pulling up the plants I just planted but still.

A few cute photos of her with bubbles.


Roslyn is one

Our little baby girl is ONE! It's hard to wrap my mind around her being more a toddler than a baby but at the same time she's always been wanting to be a big girl and a fast learner. She stares and stares at the bigger kids at the playground as they run around and go down the zipline. She's not afraid to crawl after them and try to join in. For her birthday we played at the park until she was falling asleep in the swing. She went down the 15' high metal slide all by herself and giggled, she cried when we stopped taking her down the zipline and insisted on getting on the spinning thing with a bigger kid. She is brave, adventurous, and friendly but always after a moment of contemplation or curiosity. She has no fear but first watches others and then decides to head in. As she gets older you can see her wheels spin more and more and it's entrancing.

She got her own little cake decorated in dandelions, as she loves walking around the yard picking them. She was a little wary of the cake but once we put a finger full of frosing in her mouth she was into it. She ate at least 1/4 of it.

She opened presents from her amazing family, such as this rocking chair my grandpa made. She then rocked her stuffed animals in it. She read books, played with her new toys, and charmed us all. 

And as a gift to us she decided she'd start walking on her birthday as well!