Joshua and I met our freshman year of college in the dorms at the University of Cincinnati.
He saw me walk to my room and told his friend he thought I was gorgeous so he asked me to play cards with him, I said yes. He asked me out in North Carolina while we were on a 14 mile hike, I said yes. I interned in Boston, Chicago, & Seattle for the next 3 years every other 3 months, he visited and we had amazing adventures together. December 20th 2011 he asked me to marry him in his truck Richard outside of the church he knew I wanted to get married in, I said yes.

We got married June 18th 2011 surrounded by everyone we love & we both said yes to a forever with one another! To support one another in adventure, faith, rainy days, sunshine and it will all be something we figure out as we learn and make our family within one another.

here are some photos of us and below are more from our wedding and our fantastic new family:

Click HERE to watch a video of my Dad and I's Father-Daughter dance
(It was a surprise)

this is hubs favorite photo, he told me this is how I look at him and he knows I love him,
 he was so excited to have a picture with it on our wedding day

more photos of the party!

Here are some posts I did about how we made things for our wedding and some details

and THIS is a post I did on another blog about some of the special things we did at our wedding

first year anniversary
second year anniversary
third year anniversary
fourth year anniversary

All photos taken by Julianna Boehm


  1. GORGEOUS wedding photos! You looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL! :] I know it's been a few months but congratulations! Marriage is so much fun!

  2. What a great love story! And beautiful pictures, too!