30th birthday

We celebrated my 30th birthday last Friday with some good friends at a local brewery. We had giant pizzas, balloons, cake, and pitchers. My goal was to stay out until at least midnight, when it would then be my real birthday, and we made until 1:30am! That is by far the latest we've been up since Roslyn arrived. She slept in a carrier on Josh most of the night and she behaved better than we could have imagined. Joshua got to give her a bottle for the first time and she was changed on a bar bathroom floor (we brought a mat don't worry). It was a big day for her too :)

The cake was a fresh mint cake that makes the inside a natural green which is so pretty and a fun surprise and then I made a mascarpone-ginger filling and finished it off with a light frosting of vanilla buttercream, chocolate mushrooms, bee pollen, and edible flowers.

Very excited for this next decade. My 20's were better than I could have imagined. I hear people say they love their 30's even more though so I can't wait to see where it takes me. 


Walter and Roslyn meet

Our van baby and human baby had a sleepover this past weekend. We need to put miles on Walter to break in his new engine and we thought a test run with Roslyn before the big trip might be a good idea too. We headed east to Mazama and camped for the night. Walter ran great, sounded great. Roslyn took it all like a champ. 

She was in her carseat for about 3 hours and slept the whole way out there. The next day we drove a bit more to do a little 4 mile hike among some spring flowers. Joshua strapped her to his chest and she dozed off. She slept the whole hike except for when we made the rookie mistake of taking her out to get her photo. Unhappy she was no longer snuggly she proceeded to scream until we put her back in. We won't make that mistake again.

On the drive back she slept most of the way, or starred outside. She only protested to the car seat once and it turned out she was just hungry. Overall our little test trip was pretty darn perfect, fingers crossed the whole long roadtrip goes exactly like this :) Just kidding, we're not that naive, promise.

Family of 3

We've made it to a little over 3 weeks as a family of 3! We've been on lots of little adventures around Seattle so far, had some visitors, and learned a lot about our little lady.

-She's strong and already holds her head up pretty well so she likes to sit out facing everyone, not held like a baby
-Her little arms are so busy all the time that if you don't swaddle her she can't sleep.
-She's pretty fearless and likes to be zoomed around the apartment, Josh does a bit where she launches into space, orbits for a bit, then has a zooming reentry process
-She seems curious and is always looking around, focusing on the black and white books, wanting to see it all
-She likes noise, white noise, music, Josh playing guitar
-Roslyn sleeps really well at night and fights naptime, unless she's strapped to you with a wrap. If she's in a wrap she will pass out almost immediately.

Besides having to change her outfit multiple times most days she's basically the best. We'll keep her.

Nana visits

Josh's mom and her boyfriend Mike got to come out and meet Roslyn recently. I think it's safe to say they fell in love with her. We had beautiful weather and I was much more healed and ready to do some walking so we putted around Ballard, hit up a few parks and ate lots of food on patios.

They were actually here for Mother's Day so we took Teresa to a park up north to celebrate with a picnic. We did bread, cheese, salami, greek salad, olives, half a cherry pie, and white wine from a thermos. It was a beautiful day and the cool breeze from the water was lovely.

We also went to the Arboretum and wandered some of the trails in the park. The azaleas were all in bloom and all the bright colorful bushes were stunning. 


Park outings

We took Roslyn on her first car ride the other day. Dad/Grandpa had to drive and I think he was a little nervous at first but he did a great job. We started off at Volunteer Park where we walked around the very hot conservatory. Then we meandered around the park a bit. After that we headed to Carkeek park which is along the water. We sat on the logs and wandered around the rocks, watched the trains pass.

That evening all 5 of us went to our favorite happy hours spot and had a large lovely meal, Roslyn was a champ and didn't make a peep.


The Zoo

Saturday was beautiful and sunny. I desperately wanted to get out of the house but my recovery has been slower than I'd like. I overdid my walking a few days ago and I was still paying for it. Then I remembered seeing a friend at the zoo in a wheelchair and I knew that was the perfect way to get some good outside time and still be able to recover. 

We took Roslyn on her first bus trip, she didn't make a peep. Then at the zoo we rented a $10 wheelchair and set off. Roslyn slept most of the time while we got lucky and lots of the animals were awake and about. The zebras were chasing each other and the giraffes joined in, the wolves were  wandering around in a pack, the hippo went swimming, the jaguar was roaming, and the otters were playing tag. I was escorted around in my wheelchair all day, even took some off road dirt paths. It was an amazing little adventure day and I'm so thankful my family was all willing to push me around so I could enjoy myself too. 

Finally took the bus home and then little miss Roslyn proceeded to have bad gas pains and kept us up all night :)


We're parents

Still very weird to hear someone say we're a "mom" and a "dad". We don't really like calling each other that, still feels foreign. But daughter, we love that word. We love that she's ours and a part of our family.

She has been such a great baby so far. Sleeps in 3 hour stretches at night, we're getting the hang of this breastfeeding thing. We were a little concerned about a goopy eye and some other things so we went back to the pediatrician, she's fine, but they told us she's now above her birthweight at only a week old! She's trying to hold her head up on her own. Had a rough night recently where she seems to be fending off gas, hoping she's better this morning.

She love music, when a record ends she'll fuss until someone flips it over or puts on a new one. We've been listening to all kinds of things, she seems to like it all. She also likes to be lifted up and down like she's on a constant elevator, our arms are paying for that one. And lastly, she is already trying to lift her own head up for periods of time. She likes to be upright so she can look around and appears very observant.