Work Holiday Party

We got a sitter, paid them a ton of money, and went to my work's holiday party. It was fun to get dressed up and go out alone. The party was at the Museum of Flight which was a cool venue, we ate dinner under the Blackhawk. The food was good, the music was good and it was a lovely evening.


Aquarium Visit

On our visit to Cincy we took Roslyn to the aquarium. She watched the big fish in the tanks and tried to touch or grab them. She also seemed a bit frustrated when no matter what she did her fingers hit glass. None of it scared her and by the end she was a little bored. But it was really fun to watch her face when she got it!

Cincy Christmas

We had a great and very busy time in Cincy for Christmas. We were home for about 2 weeks and spent almost every night sleeping somewhere different. Roslyn was a real trooper, except for when I wanted to put her in a santa hat.

She tried Skyline chili for the first time and loved it!

We ditched her with my parent's to go to a childhood friends wedding and as a Christmas gift to ourselves we got an air bnb downtown for the night.

Visited the Krohn conservatory. She tried to touch everything and really liked the trains.

We hung out with family a lot.

By the 3rd present stop she started to get the hang of it and enjoy the bows and paper.

We had a great time and miss it everyday!