Frozen Falls

Last weekend we went on a wintery hike with some friends. It was a short hike to Franklin Falls which is a stunning frozen waterfall. It started snowing as we hiked and it set the mood even more for the unveiling of the falls. The giant icicles and cold mist were more than worth the 2 mile hike.



I had 3.5 snow days off work recently. We got over a foot of snow! I mean the snow dumped on us for days! As a Midwesterner I was loving it. And to add to the fun my college roommate Ashley was visiting from Texas so it got us out and playing/walking around in it more than we probably would have on our own.

Roslyn did not like it snowing on her face, had zero emotion while sledding, but did like picking it up and letting it stick to her fingers. I also love how ridiculous she looks in that pink bear suit.

The park was full of snow but Roslyn still giggled on the swings and took a few fast swishes down the slide. Her full body suit makes her slide fast!

Luckily a neighbor has a sled that they were letting all the neighbors borrow.


Season of Cakes!

Long nights, short days, rain it all makes me want to play with my oven. So I've been doing exactly that. Here are some commissioned cakes, for no reason cakes, and oops I have leftover frosting in my fridge cakes. Also a vegetable tart that was too pretty to not include.

More treats in the works for Valentine's day!

We had some friends coming over to babysit Roslyn so I made them a mini cake. This was a lemon cake with buttercream frosting decorated with rose petals, sprinkles, and marzipan hearts. 

Commissioned for a 2 year old who likes owls. This guy is a white cake full of lemon curd. Topped with some marzipan, white chocolate and pocky stick details.

I had leftover frosting in the back of my fridge and we had friends coming over for dinner so I made a chocolate cake and just used each color until it was gone. I also have a jar of all the sprinkles that are in a pan after I add them to a cake all mixed together so I added the chaos of those sprinkles as well.

A weeknight veggie and parmesan tart. So good!