First Backpack of the Season

This past weekend we took our first backpacking trip of the summer. We headed east toward Cle Elum and went to a favorite early season backpacking spot but then saw 35 cars there! That is not our style so we drove another 30 miles hoping another spot would have a bit of breathing room. Turned out we were the only ones backpacking there and only ran into a few people hiking out from the day.

We hiked in about 2.5 miles into a basin with the late afternoon sun setting everything aglow. The last half mile Roslyn was a bit whiney but we endured. Then Joshua found us a great campsite by the creek and we started setting up. Roslyn was a very very big fan of the tent and a big game of peek-a-boo ensued.

Then we made some dinner, gathered wood for later and then took off for the summit to catch sunset. Plan was for Joshua to hike up the  heavy baby but she had other plans so me it was. Sweaty and leg muscles pulsing we arrived at the top. We could see Mt. Stuart perfectly lit up and some of the Enchantments peaking out. The view was stunning and we had it all to ourselves.

Then once we hiked back down we made a fire while Roslyn started to wear down. Then we hopped in the tent where she and I shared a mat and sleeping bag. Previously this didn't work out the best and I got no sleep but this time she slept next to me through the night!

Next morning we got up early, hiked, pit stopped near a creek with lots of water running over logs, finished the hike and stopped for brunch in our favorite spot in Roslyn.

Once home we showered and then headed off to finish the weekend celebrating a friend's birthday. Roslyn was the only girl and quite a bit younger than the other kids but she played in the sandbox, with chalk, at the water table, and did her darndest to follow climbing them up the playstructure.

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